¡¡¡ Find the caticorns !!! 🦄🦄

You have to find the caticorns 🦄🐱 on the map.

When you click on a square, the distance to the nearest caticorn is displayed. Here you can see a fully uncovered representation of the map.

mapa de juego

When you have identified a caticorn, it will be time to capture it. To do this, press the "Rescue Mode" button and the interface will change to rescue mode.

Be careful !!! This mode is very powerful and if you fail the remaining caticorns will flee !!!

Your mission is to find the 2 lost caticorns and capture them.

Every day caticorns change position, try to find them with the least number of attempts and share it with your friends.
Remember you can also practice as often as you want in the practice mode. .

Good luck! 🦄🐱